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For franchises where a supporting letter is required from the franchisor authorising swiftreg to complete the name application eg. explanatory note cor15. tick to accept the cipc terms & conditions before you login make sure you have a valid email address, you will not be able to transact if you don' t have one. we do not use the cipc standard moi cor15. 1c applications received via these channels, will automatically be [. changes to company directors and close corporation members; moi amendments and shares; presentations webinar ( 22 april ) and information session 19 april ). cipc - company/ close corporation. annual performance plan / / 6.

notice of alteration of memorandum of incorporation cor15. cipc semi closure notice cipc end year function on 29 november : ( 195kb pdf) discontinuation of printing of cor39 certificate: ( 223kb pdf) discount of printing option cor39 certificates: ( 227kb pdf) contact list for data corrections within companies division. this means that the cipc staff recapture the data which leads to errors. the dti through the companies and intellectual property commission ( cipc) have the following standard moi’ s: cor 15.

the process is a two- part process: 1. cipc charges r50 per set of 4 names for electronic lodgements or r75 for manual lodgements. cipc compliance checklist submission admint14: 38: 34+ 01: 00 in addition to filing the annual return, the cipc has introduced a new requirement for companies to declare its compliance status in the form of a compliance checklist. cipc strives to improve customer service. 2 ( notice of amendment of moi) is received, we will request a certificate of name change from cipc * client will need to advise sars of name change * client will need to update cipc manual for moi company records. 3 • copy of proof of publication • originally certified id copy of signatory ( active director/ company secretary/ representative) • power of attorney – if representative • originally certified id copy of applicant • copy of moi or extract of moi indicating corrections r250. 1a – completion of notice of incorporation and moi for private company using the short standards form. a trust is not registered with cipc, but with the high court of the province where it has its registered address. the company may require you to pay a reasonable fee for the copies. as from 1 may, the cipc is not accepting manually completed standard privat company ( cor15. apply for the moi change and cipc manual for moi submit the supporting documents to cipc tracking the application and ensuring it is successfully processed when you check out you may select a quantity of 1 and we' ll get in touch with a confirmation of what information we' ll need from you to get started.

in notice 24 of the cipc says manually completed and submitted new company registrations for cor15. you might have to pay a fee for it, but you can get a copy of the moi from them. 1a form word- for- word like it was published in the companies regulations. the compliance checklist requires that companies confirm their compliance with specific sections of the companies act, no. cipc manual for moi to transact on this system cipc manual for moi you must have a valid cipc customer code. the new option will put customers who forgot the tracking number in a position to still retrieve the moi documents, and it will not be necessary to retrieve these documents. nando’ s n1 city. 2 applications ( 224kb pdf). presentations information session 05 july. free owners manuals - find your perfect used car today on mitula. official sign- off.

this annexure must be filed with a notice of amendment, only if the amendment has changed the ring fencing status of the moi. click here to view a guide on how to register a private company at the self- help service terminals. our office is a registered cipc customer and we are able to ensure that the statutory records of your entity or client entity complies with the requirements of the companies act by providing any of the following requested services: registration of new companies, providing shelf companies and attending to statutory changes thereto. of moi and company rules main forms • cor15. 3 - registration certificate. discontinuation of manual application for standard private company & standard non- profit company cipc - qualifications of business rescue practitioners in terms of sectionrequirements relating to copies of smart id cards. log in preferred email address ( optional). moi prescribes the filing of financial statements with cipc public or state- owned company did the company hold assets to an aggregate value of r5- million or more, in a fiduciary capacity for persons not related to the company at any time during the financial year. written by stefan kritzinger updated over a week ago otherwise known as the. once your company has been registered you will have to download your company’ s moi documents from the cipc website. za or sent via post.

a screenshot will be placed after each step to show you the page the step relates to. a private company with a standard moi may be registered on- line on our website, at a self- service terminal or through a collaborating bank, such as fnb. private, non- profit and incorporated companies may elect to comply with the extended accountability requirements of chapter 3 of the act ( sect;. it is hereby certified that this annual performance plan: was developed by the management of the companies and intellectual property commission ( cipc) under. most manual application take more than 4 weeks to complete.

on the 13th august, the companies and intellectual property commissioner ( “ cipc” ) issued notice 52 of announcing the introduction of a new requirement for companies to declare its compliance status in the form of a compliance checklist. 1a) and standard non- profit company ( cor15. adoption to the new moi, customised moi and manual name reservations for similar name such as franchises also remain manual applications. changes in the cipc compliance checklist - notice 9 of published on friday 6th march * s15 which deals with the moi, ring fencing, shareholders agreement and rules. follow these instructions and you will be done in a matter of minutes. tick to accept the cipc terms & conditions before you login make sure you have a valid email address as you will not be able to procceed with filing your annual returns if you don' t have one. cipc service delivery standards – our promise to our customers effective: 1 april important to note the standards are an indication of the maximum time it will take to process 90% of received applications. as part of the process, cipc will be introducing another option for the retrieval of memorandum of incorporation ( moi) documents. our online system can therefore be used by anyone located anywhere in south africa or internationally. should you require further information on commercial matters and cipc applications, please contact us. za contact centre: cipc) contact centre ( international) : physical address the dti campus - block f 77 meintjies street sunnyside 0001.

you can register for a free email address at gmail. 5: notice of consolidated revision of memorandum of incorporation: payment of r 250 fee. f) when the registered cor 15. please note that currently you can only register private and non- profit companies with standard memorandum of incorporation, all other company types must be filed manually. to register a private company with a standard moi on- line on cipc’ s website, follow these. you do not have to either. customer registration. keep new moi with the cor 15. 1a short standard moi form for private companies ( free and included in all our packages) cor 15.

1c) applications submitted via co.

the guidance of the commissioner, adv. 4 july - on- line verification of cipc certificates – service delivery standards for manual cor39 applications ( 219kb pdf) – turnaround time for cor 15. cipc online query management the faster way to be heard. you can also ask to peruse the moi at the company' s registered offices, or you can ask the company to provide you with copies. cgf offers the following corporate secretariat services for companies and trusts ( as appropriate) reservation of company name; notice of incorporation. it’ s important that shareholders agreements have been updated to comply with the new act and if there are rules that they have been properly published. 1b long standard moi form for private companies; cor 15. the company’ s moi provides otherwise ( e.

71 of, as amended. enterprise search search for enterprises on our register using enterprise name, enterprise number or director id/ passport number continue to search. a company moi should be available on application from the cipc, yes. 1st tier - 3 days to resolve enquiry if the query is not resolved within two days after submission, it will automatically be escalated to the 2nd tier of the. cipc - moi amendment. notice of translation of memorandum of incorporation cor 15. free owners manuals - find your perfect used car today. 1a: the memorandum of incorporation ( moi) – cipc’ s recommended version; delivery of documentation: cipc issues all final and original documentation electronically, and we will email all final and original documentation to you. a trust is a legally self- governed collection of assets, which are administered by the board of trustees and whose proceeds, earnings and dividends are for the sole benefit of the beneficiaries. change of address of company or cc for more information. when a query is lodged via the query resolution system, the customer will receive a reference number, which should be used in all correspondence with cipc relating to the enquiry.

cipc - change in company name. the moi may state that no director may contract on behalf of the company in his/ her own capacity). any special resolution walks hand in hand with the registration documents of the company. the implication of the above decision is that anyone wishing to lodge an application with cipc for the removal of a director of a company ( cor39 application), must ensure that their notice lists the reasons for removal. cipc only accept manual lodgements in 2 instances: a. welcome to the cipc eservices system.

explanatory notes the explanatory notes provide detail on how the forms should be completed. commissioner: cipc page 1 of 2 postal address: companies p o box 429 web: pretoria 0001 docex: 256 www. 1c short standard moi form for non- profit companies without members. 2 and a copy of special resolution attached together with all the other registration documents of the company. rory voller was prepared in line with the current strategic plan of the cipc.

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