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I love my little mak. and let me then then perhaps hear from far more knowledgeable people why i should reconsider. manual operated telescope and mount. the 150 mak needs a big mount! for almost the same price as a 127 mak, highpoint scientific has the lx70 6” mak on sale for $ 499. sky- watcher’ s az- gti is the perfect tracking platform for those seeking a compact travel mount capable of both alt- az go- to alignment and video timelapse. the sky- watcher az synscan mount is a precision engineered instrument that will allow you to easily find skywatcher 127 mak manual and enjoy viewing night sky treasures, such as planets, nebulae, star clusters, galaxies and much more. however i cant get the tracking sorted, the view finder is a nightmare and over. 5 lb counterweight 4.

25" ) 90º mirror star diagonal ( 1. how does the skywatcher skymax 127 perform? orion starmax 127mm eq mak- cass telescope optical tube assembly 25mm orion sirius plössl telescope eyepiece ( 1. version: qt200- f- 140618v1- en. sky- watcher skymax 127 review - posted in reflectors: looking at the sky- watcher skymax 127 as an upgrade from my 70mm celestron astromaster. if you’ re ready for the quality products and attentive service you’ ve been waiting for, then you’ re ready for sky- watcher usa. plan on putting it on the on az- gti mount as an outreach scope, and a smaller scope than my 203mm dob for ease of transport. tubos ópticos de. a maksutov- cassegrain, also referred to as a mak- cass or more simply, a " mak" telescope, is a member of the catadioptric telescope family and uses both mirrors and lenses in its folded optical design. 25†visual back does not have sct thread and the end is t- threaded ( m42 x 0. the az synscan hand controller allows you point your telescope at a specific object, or even tour the night sky at the touch of a button!

sky- watcher 127mm mak - posted in cats & casses: hi all, i’ m considering getting the sky- watcher 127 and was wondering if anyone knew the size of the baffle. the maksutov signature series is the new generation of professional quality maksutovs from sky- watcher. the sky- watcher 127 mm maksutov- cassegrain is 12. i have a 150 mak but not a 127 one, but i do have a 127 sct, the sct is about half the weight of my mak, and gives very close views, my mak is a heavy example but i am sure they are all quite heavy compared to a 5" sct i use my skywatcher or the slt celestron mount for it, works great. skywatcher az gte 127 mak goto wifi telescope. 7 mak, 1300mm focal length mak and is the latest model from skywatcher, purchased new earlier this year. innovation and world- class engineering.

sky- watcher usa - 127mm maksutov- cassegrain optical tube assembly - s11520. sky- watcher - the worlds largest telescope manufacturer. instruction manual mak spotting assembly red dot finder focus locking screw diagonal focusing knob eyepiece dust cap ( not shown, remove before viewing) 1) attach the telescope tube assembly to the mount of your choice. * 2, * 3: for equatorial mounts, the speed is the drift speed of an object in fov while the mount’ s tracking is turned on; it is not the axis’ s rotation speed. view & download of more than 67 sky- watcher pdf user manuals, service manuals, operating guides. optical tube assembly. synscan goto mount.

price including extras. they are also ideal if working space is limited. i set up the telescope as per the instructions, both me and the telescope waited in the dark for half an hour, fo. sky- watcher az- gti is for anyone looking for small, powerful mount. maksutov- cassegrain telescopes are very popular, especially in smaller apertures, due to their super portability and beautiful high- contrast views.

must be small size, i. that is what you can expect from every sky- watcher product. sky- watcher 127mm az- gti maksutov cassegrain the sky- watcher 127/ 1500 maksutov cassegrain is a fully automatic telescope ideal for beginners and those who want to get straight to observing. or manual- guiding. the scope has a focal length of f15 ( 1. if planets and the moon are your priority then the 127 is the way to go, it provides exceptional views of bright objects, you may start to struggle with deep space observing just simply due to the fact that the scope is f11 or so meaning your field of view is much more restricted so many dso' s will be cut off at the sides whereas the 1 have a faster f5 so there is a greater field of. i am getting a ioptron az mount, so i am looking just for a ota. i have just brought a 2nd hand skywatcher 127 mak. its a massive battle with light pollution, field rotation and all skywatcher 127 mak manual the other things that come with as.

this skywatcher 127 mak and the other i come across so far all have 1. their high- resolution, diffraction- limited optical systems are multi- coated to maximize contrast and image sharpness. have checked the collimation and it appears ok, have left the telescope out in the open for an hour and have a nice dew cover for it. i’ m also looking for opinions from current owners on likes and dislikes. let me tell you about the wishes and constraints that led me to think that the skywatcher skymax 127 goto mak is the scope for me. herewith is my skywatcher 127 mak ( just acquired secondhand) photographed with my c5. aligning the mount takes mere minutes with the “ bright object” alignment mode, and the computerised synscan system is the ultimate upgrade that allows. does anyone have any experience with this scope, or the family of them? 25" ) tripod legs orion atroview equatorial mount orion 6x26 correct- image finder scope finder scope bracket with o- ring polar axis finder scope 7. mak 127 + eq3 with aluminum tripod the sky- watcher maksutov- cassegrains are the ultimate take- anywhere telescopes.

excellent ( and very fair! 25 sgt manual: c90 mak manual. it comes with a 2” diagonal and a 2” rear cell adapter ( according to high point scientific’ s site. more videos will follow for this scope. boasting a payload capacity of 11lbs, this modular az mount can support anything from a small maksutov or refractor, to a mid- sized dslr for timelapse photography. for years the maksutov design has delivered sharp, high- contrast views ideal for planetary, lunar and deep sky observing. note: * 1: speed is represented as multiples of the earth’ s rotation speed. i got a skywatcher skymax 127 telescope for christmas ( very lucky me) and last night was the first clear night, so out we went.

scope is a 102mm f12. sky- watcher az- gte is for anyone looking for small, powerful mount. wirelessly controlled telescopes that can be operated using a smartphone are becoming more popular, and the latest addition to this stable is sky- watcher’ s az- gti- mounted skymax- 127. despite their small dimensions, they pack a powerful punch. for most sky- watcher mounts, it is higher than 800x. * 4: maximum speed varies on mounts. 25†visual back.

so, the skymax pushes the limits to bring the focal length down to f/ 12 making it a good, all- purpose mak- cass telescope with good contrast but with the compromise of some light loss. telescope, user manuals, operating guides & specifications. il maksutov 127/ 1500 della sky watcher è. the 127 is [ imo] on the " cusp" of being of " narrow field of view". with accessories, but it uses a large 5” lens system to do the job of gathering light so you can see faint objects millions of light years away. instruction manual for quattro 200mm, both steel and carbon fiber tube. whether you’ re observing or taking a crack at long exsposure astrophotography your equipment will benefit greatly from a solid platform. 5” long ( 15" with the diagonal installed) and weighs 9. not the best images but will soon be upgrading my set up. this has been my grab and go scope scope this summer providing lots of quick views of saturn and jupiter, however my new 127 mak has bumped this scope to bench warmer status so i am selling.

new generation smart telescope that operated wireless via phone or pc/ table. it would appear the new ones now have 2†visual back. 2) slide the red dot finder bracket p into the rectangular slot and tighten the screw to hold the red dot finder in place. portable ( due to small flat and sceptical. 0 lb counterweight counterweight. mak- cass telescopes can be really skywatcher 127 mak manual slow with a focal length around f/ 15 to keep central obstruction acceptable. binoculars manual ( english, french, german, italian and spanish) c10 n gt manual: c10 n manual: c130 mak manual: c4 r manual: c5 spotter manual: c6 n manual: c6 r gt manual: c6 r manual: c8 n gt manual: c8 n manual: c8 n manual addendum: c8 s gt manual: c8 s manual: c80ed, 100ed manual: c9. a few weeks after its arrival, this video includes my first results using the skymax 127. see more results. for the astronomer looking for a small, lightweight alternative to refractors, the sky- watcher usa line of maksutov telescopes provides the answer. explore with sky- watcher.

as the optical tube is closed by the meniscus, the mirrors are protected from atmospheric agents such as humidity, dust and pollution that over the years degrade the reflective coating of the. i would like to get into astroph. skywatcher az gti 127 mak goto wifi telescope. hi, i hope someone is able to help this complete novice. it is a 1500mm scope - but not much longer focal length than yer average dobsonian and moreover easy to fit with a 2" adaptor ( or diagonal) to work with upto 30mm 70 skywatcher 127 mak manual deg 2" e. at sky- watcher usa we’ re bringing a whole new experience to owning a telescope.

these telescopes are manufactured to the highest levels of optical and mechanical precision, resulting in exquisite optical performance and finish. hoy explicamos los telescopios maksutov skywatcher, tanto el mak 90/ 1250, como el mak 127/ 1500 skywatcher, como el mak 150/ 1800 skywatcher. 8kg, complete with pier extension and tripod, this versatile mount supports a hefty 11 pound payload. presentazione di un telescopio piccolo, compatto, comodo e dalle prestazioni sbalorditive, viste le sue dimensioni. overview of the skywatcher 127mm maksutov telescope with an altaz synscan mount. the sky- watcher 127/ 1500 skymax 127 maksutov- cassegrain ota is a compact and powerful optical design that combines a front meniscus lens and two mirrors. hi im in desperate need of help! constraints: about 700€ max. the telescope is a 127mm ( 5- inch) maksutov – a compound telescope with a primary mirror and a front corrector plate that includes a silvered secondary mirror. looking for advice on this skywatcher 127mm vs an meade lx65.

collimating sky- watcher newtonian reflectors ( including dobsonians) 101kb: collimating sky- watcher refractors with the adjustable objective- lens cell : 628kb: digital imager driver and photolib : 9, 900kb: digital imager instruction manual : 414kb: eq1 fixed rate single axis motor drive: 132kb: eq1 single axis motor drive with hand control.

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