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Erica synths: black hole dsp : stereo effects processor. the tiny but flexible pico series by erica synths is expanding! i have expanded my set- up so have to cut this one.

here' s their description of each.

erica synths products are available online. mutable instruments stages. compact stereo effect. to insure proper installation and operation, take a moment to read this guide before proceeding with the installation. despite the small size, pico voice sounds bigger than it is! discover all the facts before purchase.

used for only a couple months in a smoke- free home studio. features 8 great sounding stereo custom effects 2 adjustable parameters per effect cv con. through google ads conversion tracking, google and we are able to track which ads users interact with and which pages they are redirected to. inside the actual modular, we have 14 modules, offering 12 different functions, as there are two vcos and two drum modules. it features eight custom effects, with two adjustable parameters per effect. erica pico dsp is a small brother of our recognized black hole dsp module. erica synths pico system iii desktop; compact modular system; full analog design; contains: stepsequencer, 2x vco, 2x mixer, lfo, sample & hold, noise- & random- generator, 2x funktion generator, 2x lowpass gate, bbd- delay & output section; erica pico dsp manual patches can be stored on voice- cards ( 5x preset cards and 5x diy- cards included) ; dimensions: 240 x 140 x 80 mm. the pico series is a series of highly functional 3hp modules in eurorack format. erica synths have announced the latest module in their pico range.

features 8 great sounding stereo custom effects 2 adjustable parameters per effect cv control over the first parameter dry/ wet control stereo output colour coded effects [. considering use of blackfin 706 dsp and ti3105 integrated dac/ amp, i’ m sure many fw resources were shared between p5k and pico, including a support of numerous lossless and lossy audio formats: dsd, dff, dsf, iso, flac, ape, wav, mp3, wma, ogg, m4a, aac, aif, alac, cue with sample rates of 2. get rare mens newport union newport online with fast and free shipping. output – stereo output module with headphone amplifier. erica synths pico dsp effects modular eurorack - new - perfect circuit: condition: used. dsp – stereo effects processor with 8 great sounding custom effects. erica synths sample drum. the pico dsp is much like the bigger black hole dsp, but paired down to fit in the pico size. pico seqs is an advanced 4 channel sequential switch with sophisticated control over switching the channels – it combines clock and/ or cv signals to advance to next step and define number of. more, official demos should emerge when it’ s released next week. erica pico dsp manual the pico voice is a complete synthesised sound source in a tiny 3hp package.

features: 8 great sounding stereo custom effects 2 adjustable parameters per effect cv control over the first parameter dry/ wet contr. mar 23rd, 09: 42 : module detail page: erica synths: black quad vca : black quad vca : mar 25th, 13: 45 : module detail page: erica synths: pico drums : dual drum/ erica pico dsp manual sampler module with 64 samples, pitch, decay and volume control : apr 14th, 16: 31 : module detail page: erica. free shipping best price promise forever support erica synths pico dsp is a smaller brother to our famous black hole dsp module. addac 103 t- networks. so the lineup, all drawn from erica’ s pico range, consists of: seq step sequencer; 2x vcos; vcf1 filter; trigger clock and drum sequencer; 2x drums; multi- buffered mult; rnd lfo/ random source; eg envelope; vca amplifier; a mix audio mixer; dsp. erica pico trigger module provides master clock for the pico system, as well as it generates up to 16 step patterns of 4triggers – simple clock divider patterns, and more advanced polyrhythmic patterns of different step length for triggering drums. erica pico voice is amazingly versatile sound source just in 3hp.

a tiny sequencer wonder, this pico seq. pico drive is wavefolder overdrive module that features manually adjustable gain and drive level, and cv control over gain and drive. each drum voice has an independent trigger input, and each sound has independent control over pitch, decay, and level. it was revealed at the ginko modular fest at the hague and you can check out the demo in the video below. 55 excluding vat, shipping costs extra. erica synths adds another highly functional module in their pico series, taking up only 3hp. erica synths black hole dsp 2 post by bemushroomed » wed 9: 35 am didn' t find a thread for it so i thought i' d start a new since this new version comes with more algos and a much better user interface ( saving knob positions for each algorithm).

the module was created inspired by ryoji ikeda compositions. 18, 817 likes · 354 talking about this. the erica pico system i includes: pico case, external, universal psu module, horizontal wooden side panels, pico drum programmer, wrench key, 20 patch cables and manual. erica synths pico dsp stereo effects eurorack module 3hp eurorack digital effects module $ 161. patterns are user designed in custom web interface, and can be uploaded. horizontal wooden side panels. according to the company, “ erica pico system i is the world’ s smallest modular synthesizer of its functionality.

the erica synths pico trigger to gate module converts triggers to gates, using ‘ smart algorithms’ that the company says ‘ enhance your musical compositions and rhythm patterns’. the erica synths pico drums is a compact drum module capable of playing two independent drum sounds at the same time, with control of each sound governed by the module’ s encoder knob and cv input. erica synths pico dsp is the little brother of the black hole dsp. pico seqs is an advanced 4 channel sequential switch with sophisticated control over switching the channels – it. or $ 5/ month § for 36 months. it features 8 sound generation algorithms: karplus strong, chords, wavetable, tb303 bassline emulation, pwm, supersaw, wavefold and harmonic saturation, with three adjustable parameters per algorithm and cv control over one user defined parameter. erica synths pico drum 2. chain up several pico drums and get one of the smallest modular drum setup in the modular world! details about erica synths pico dsp effects modular eurorack - new - perfect circuit see original listing. a mix – 3 input audio mixer. external, universal psu module.

save on rare mens newport union newport. the only knob on it seems a bit wobbly, and the system of cv control is only understood after looking through the manual. erica synths pico drums. notes: pico dsp is a small brother of the popular stereo effects processor black hole dsp. winning bid: au $ 167. pico drum programmer.

free domestic shipping over 15, 000 yen | free dhl shipping worldwide for orders 30k+ yen: details. despite its size it is powerful, offers easy programming of cvs and gates, a maximal sequence length of 16 steps, variable gate length, quantization, various playback modes, even slide and 16 pattern memory! with pico series we challenged ourselves – can we make any superior functionality synth module 3hp wide and affordable? erica synths tells us that their pico series is expanding. if you have any questions or comments about the dsp806 digital signal processor, please contact your dealer or have him contact the pico macom service center at these phone numbers:,. erica synths pico system ii modular desktop system desktop modular synthesizer with 16- step sequencer, sample- based drum modules, dsp effects, and eurorack compatibility $ 1, 199.

erica pico drum1 module gives you two independent great sounding drums with versatile control over several parameters and extensive collection of drum samples. erica synths erica pico system 1 technical specifications: » dimensions ( wxdxh) – 240mmx140mmx80mm » power supply – universalvac – 9vdc adapter. erica synths pico dsp. user manual which contains pages for your patch notes. 2 banks, 16 waves each vco/ lfo mode voltage controlled wavesurfing wave morphing in lfo setting. features • 2 adjustable parameters per effect • cv control over the first parameter • dry/ wet control • stereo output • colour coded effects selection • effects. this product is in stock and can be shipped immediately.

synth is affordable, compact, yet powerful sounding, full analogue modular system. it looks like the erica synths team can’ t imagine christmas without some great news – the long- awaited pico system i is now available and it has some pretty interesting features for both beginners and pro synth- freaks! stereo effect processor module 8 algorithms: mono delay, pitch shift delay, stereo delay, granular delay, reverb, saturated reverb, leslie speaker, overdrive / bitcrusher, 2 parameters per effect can be edited, cv input for modulations, stereo. our shop uses google ads. it features 8 custom effects with two adjustable parameters and cv control over erica pico dsp manual the first parameter.

patch notes are as follows: - make noise rene ( being clocked by two channels of make noise tempi) is sequencing mutable instruments rings ( processed. mint condition erica synths pico dsp module ( 3hp). because of the size, there is only cv control over the. erica synths pico dsp is the smaller 3hp brother to the famous black hole dsp module. synths with passion. four new modules have joined this line: pico seqs, pico logic, pico a logic and pico dsp. erica synths pico vco2 - full analogue vco.

erica synths has introduced the pico drive, a new 3hp eurorack module that they say ‘ packs a punch delivering extreme distorted drums and pads’. 6mhz ( up to dsd128) and pcm 32khz- 192khz. related products. the module offers eight user- defined effects with two adjustable parameters, the first of which can be influenced by a control voltage. the erica pico system iii desktop. it contains eight algorithms, in detail four delays, two types of reverb, leslie speaker emulation and an overdrive/ bitcrusher. each effect is editable in two parameters. open 360° viewer. featuresstep sequencer 2x vcos vco controller/ vca module several mixers that work both with cv and audio signals modulator ( syncable lfo, random cv and noise source) 2x voltage controlled asr en. disclosure: most deals posted to. erica pico vcf3, despite its small size, is mighty, classical sounding 24db/ oct lowpass filter that makes pico system sound like ten times larger setups.

the module can turn a simple trigger sequencer into powerful musical pattern generator. that is hard to beat. electable sequence length – up to 16 steps quantized cv output – 9 different scales adjustable gate length for each step step off and step merge function slide function on selected steps transpose function random play function ( within a scale) 5 play modes sequence memory. erica synths black modulator v2.

let' s go over the specs! erica synths 3x126hp skiff monster case eurorack case with power supply - vertical side panels. 50 [ 9 bids] postage: may not. r/ synthdeals: the place to find deals, steals, and discounts on used synths, keyboards, and interfaces. erica synths black wavetable vco is a compact, fat sounding wavetable vco that features 16+ banks of selected waves: classical synths, fm synths, erica modular, vowels and others.

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